Monday, January 19, 2009

Can Diet Determine Baby's Sex??!!

Lots have things have been proposed over the years to help a parent help determine the sex of her baby, but now there's a dietary twist.

We know that diet definitely plays a role in fertility--but determining the sex of your baby by your breakfast choices may be too much to ask for--or not. Researchers recently reported in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B that women who ate more cereal, sodium and potassium, were more likely to conceive a boy. Fiona Mathews, lead researcher in the study, notes that women who ate more calories, along with more cereal, sodium and potassium  had a 55% chance of having a boy. Those who ate the fewest calories had a 45% chance of having a boy. Either way, it's still close to 50%.

And whether the "cereal factor" helps determine baby's sex or not, there are many benefits of eating cereal:
  • A great way to get your whole grains! Half the grains you eat, should be whole.
  • A wonderful way to get a big dose of fiber in your diet. As much as 10-15 grams of fiber can be found in many bran based cereals. Twenty-five to thirty grams of fiber are recommended per day--most of us don't reach that goal.
  • Eating cereal is also a wonderful way to get your calcium--either through dairy or fortified soy milk.