Saturday, November 1, 2008

New MyPyramid for Preschoolers!

There's good news for parents--it's a new interactive tool to help parents feed their little ones. It's the MyPyramid for Preschoolers. Developed by the USDA Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion (CNNP), it was developed in record time under the direction of the new director Brian Wansink, PhD, with guidance from Madeleine Sigman-Grant from the University of Nevada Coopeand Trish Britten from the USDA CNNP.

Here's what you can find on the site:

Customized Eating Plan: Simply plug in your child's height, weight, age and sex and you get a customized eating plan specifically for your child. Pretty cool!

Growth during the Preschool Years: You can find information about typical growth patterns as well as create a custom growth chart for your child.

Developing Healthy Eating Habits: A Wealth of Advice about Common Questions

Physical Activity: Lists ideas for family activities, age-appropriate activities and more

Food Safety: All you need to know about food safety as well as choking hazards.

Sample Snack Patterns: Gives 2 examples of meal and snack patterns

Check out the new MyPyramid for Preschoolers at:


Beyond Prenatals said...

I love this new pyramid tool, I used it for my son and I found it very useful. They also have one for pregnant and breastfeeding women.
I am enjoying reading your website, I see we have similar views:)

Beyond Prenatals said...

By the way, I just ordered your books and I look forward to reading them!