Saturday, October 25, 2008

Exploding Eggplant!

I'm sure if you spend any time in the kitchen, you've had at least one major mess up or accident that made you laugh--if not at the moment, then later!

Well, recently I had such an event happen to me as I was grilling some eggplant. (It's been a common pastime for me lately as we've got a bumper crop of it in our garden and I grill it to make Baba Ganoush for my husband.) Anyway, I was grilling whole eggplants on one side of the grill and steak on the other. After using the fork to turn the steak, I nudged the eggplant over to it's other side.

And powey--it exploded on me! I am not making this up! It would have been worse had I been closer to the grill, but I did have pieces of cooked eggplant on my shirt, on my arm (ouch!) and in my hair! I screamed but only my dog Ginger appeared to notice, as she looked out the sliding glass door at me. So let this be a lesson to all you who grill eggplant (which by the way is a really tasty way to eat it!) Please use tongs and not a fork to move it around on the grill!


BabblingBrook said...

I used tongs to move my eggplant and it EXPLODED! So, I guess, tongs don't work either?

Kimberly Garvey said...

I had an eggplant in a broiler below my stove. I turned it with tongs and had it blow up in my face. Pretty bad burns. Haven't made eggplant since.