Monday, September 8, 2008

Back to School--What's For Dinner??!!

Yesterday I was trading stories with my friend Millie about the craziness of the Back to School Schedule. We agreed, between School Open Houses, College Night, Sports Practice and Girl Scouts, it's hard to all sit down together at once, much less have the time between driving to put together a meal! Be both use non-traditional menus to keep our sanity during this busy time. Millie said sometimes it was fruit, yogurt and nuts at her house, or some scrambled eggs.
Ditto I agreed--eggs and bean burritos were the fave in this part of Texas.

Was this a guilty admission among friends? No! Because these foods make for healthy dinners that kids eat!

Sometimes we think that "dinner" has to mean meat, veggies and potatoes or the like. In my book, good dinner can be just about whatever you can throw together that has protein, fruit or vegetables and a source of complex carb.

Whether you're the mom of 3 like Millie, with kids from elementary to high school-- or an empty nester staring at the fridge and not liking the idea of cooking, these 12 days of dinner ideas are for you!

  • Whole grain waffle with peanut butter & honey with a fruit yogurt smoothie

  • Scrambled eggs on a whole grain engish muffin topped with salsa and avocado

  • Grilled ham and cheese sandwich with fresh fruit on the side

  • Rotisserie chicken sliced over a green salad with cherry tomatoes and julienne carrots

  • Bean burrito using canned beans

  • Microwaved vegetarian lasagna with a side caesar salad

  • Crock pot beef stew

  • Tuna fish salad served in a scooped out tomato

  • Pasta salad made with leftover pasta, with added thawed frozen veggies (one with black bean and corns is good), cherry tomatoes, grated low fat cheese, and leftover chicken

  • Deviled eggs served whole grain crackers and a yogurt fruit parfait for dessert

  • French bread pizza using jarred pasta sauce, grated mozarella, and thinly sliced mushrooms and black olives

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