Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Baby Bites on It's Way to Bookstores!

Baby Bites has left the printer and is now on it's way to your local bookstore!
What do you need to know
about Baby Bites?
Price: $15.00
Pages: 370
Easy to Read and Priceless Information!

It has all the nutrition info a new parent needs to know about feeding their new baby and toddler including:

  • Breastfeeding

  • Formula feeding

  • Starting solids

  • Making your own baby food

  • All about your baby's GI tract

  • Prevention and dealing with food allergies

  • How to start good eating habits

  • Dealing with picky eaters

  • Toddler friendly foods

  • Dental health

  • Preventing childhood obesity

How Can You Find Baby Bites?

1. Call our toll-free number: 800-284-MOMS

and get a personally autographed book!

2. Go to:

3. Your local bookstore--now available--or available any day now!

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