Friday, April 27, 2007

When Nannies and Grannies Take Care of Your Baby

When someone else takes care of your little one, leave nothing to chance! Here's a blurb from Baby Bites about giving instructions to caregivers...

Giving Instructions

The best way to make sure your baby is fed the way you want is to leave nothing to
doubt! It’s best to have bottles of breast milk or formula prepared in advance and in
the refrigerator. Give a list of clear feeding instructions, including:
• When your baby might be hungry
• Your baby’s usual signs of hunger and fullness
• How long a bottle can be left at room temperature safely
• Special instructions, if you have any (for burping, positioning, and so on)
• If your baby is eating solids, a list of foods your baby can and can’t eat

Copyright 2007 Baby Bites by Bridget Swinney MS, RD, Meadowbrook Press